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One last day in Italy…

We ate a lot of this on our final day
We ate a lot of this on our final day

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and by the time this posts our Italy vacation will already be over. With my family already back in the United States, Jess, the baby, and I had one final day alone in Florence to enjoy the sights. Spoiler alert: we ate a lot of gelato.

There was one final museum I wanted to see in Florence (we had hit a bunch already): the Galileo Museum. It’s basically a collection of nerdy toys and machines that scientist used from about 1000 to 1900 AD. It was awesome. First of all, it has air conditioning that works in every single room except the lobby, unlike…every other museum in this city. Secondly, science is awesome and I am always in awe of how people figured out scientific principles we take for granted now (like gravity essentially acting equally on all objects regardless of mass – you knew that right?). Thirdly, it had cool toys in it, and fourth, I got a picture of baby M looking at her reflection in a giant telescope.

Someone love science!
Someone loves science!
It doesn't matter that we're looking in the wrong way...
It doesn’t matter that we’re looking in the wrong way…still fascinating!

After that, M fell asleep for us to eat an entire lunch without having to get up once – a first in Italy! Sure, she was strapped to my chest in the carrier, but still, that was amazing and great gift from her, haha. Plus after that we got our first of many gelatos for the day.

Lunch at Vecchio Vincolo in Florence
Lunch at Vecchio Vincolo in Florence

We then rested a bunch in the afternoon because we knew M would need her sleep if she was gonna survive the flight the next day. That meant taking out pizza for dinner, which we did from a local favorite Pugi Pizza. It was pretty awesome.

Pugi Pizza - you pay by weight
Pugi Pizza – you pay by weight

After dinner and naps for everyone, we went out on an extended walk that stretched from dusk until night. We got some beautiful views of the bridges in Florence, while visiting <number redacted> gelato shops to close out our trip. We heard a few street musicians but didn’t stop to listen – Madrid’s better! But it was a beautiful walk and a wonderful ending to a great trip.

Guess how many of these we got?
Guess how many of these we got?
Sunset over the Arno
Hanging with Dad…
…and with mom
All the way home
On the way home

Anyway, I started this post in Florence but had to put M to bed so now have just finished it back here in the States. I’ll have more thoughts later, but this is a trip that she will never remember and one that we’ll never forget – she grew up before our eyes and isn’t the same girl we left with. Ciao, Italy! We’ll be back.

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One last day in Italy…

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