Observation Deck Podcast Feed Migration – Please resubscribe


Hi- Thanks to everyone who has listened to the podcast so far. We’ve decided to host the podcast on its own site. Thus, I have moved the podcast to its own website, which you probably know. If not, you can find the Saverocity Observation Deck website here.

As part of the move, we have also had to migrate over the podcast subscription feed. The bottom line is, if you subscribed before Tuesday February 24th, onĀ either this or the Observation Deck website, you’ll likely need to resubscribe. Sorry about that but we figured it’s easier to do this now than later.

I’ve also deleted the podcast posts from asthejoeflies to minimize confusion. You can find the Pilot here and Episode 2 here.

To resubscribe in iTunes, please use this link. If the Pilot episode is marked as “explicit”, you’ve subscribed to the correct link. As we are taking the old feed down, you might see two Saverocity Observation Deck podcasts on iTunes – subscribe to the one with the “explicit” pilot. I’ve also taken the artwork down on the soon to be dead podcast though iTunes will take a few hours to index that.

If you subscribe via RSS please use this link. When Episode 3 drops later this week, these will be the only links that will work. I’ll write a reminder in the episode notes to check your subscriptions as well.

Thanks for your patience and e-mail me at asthejoeflies@gmail.com or message me on Twitter if you have any issues!



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