Introducing the Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast!

This episode of the Saverocity Observation Deck brought to you by Taylor Swift
This episode of the Saverocity Observation Deck brought to you by Taylor Swift

So Joe and Trevor from Tagging Miles and I have combined forces to create a hot new podcast – the Saverocity Observation Deck. We had a great time – we’d love if you give it a listen. Despite being a little rough around the edges we’re happy with the finished project. Episode notes below!


“Episode 1: Pilot” from the Saverocity Observation Deck by Joe C, Joe C, Β and Trevor (2/7/15).

Wherein we discuss how Trevor and Joe met, disappearing award charts, why Joe Cortez is loyal to no one, and how to get some free pajamas!

Music: “She” by Still Pluto


Just an average joe trying to fly his family for less

7 thoughts on “Introducing the Saverocity Observation Deck Podcast!

  1. Hey, I really enjoyed the podcast. Fun.
    Sometimes I like to keep getting my miles/points/travel info, but while also doing something else (alas, like folding laundry). PS, I don’t have any first class pajamas, but wish I did. πŸ˜‰

  2. Nice work, guys! It’s fun to hear voices of bloggers at Saverocity. You sound just as smart as you do in your posts. πŸ™‚ Hmm, I should do a podcast of my rants. Kidding! I’m IT challenged. I just learned how to do screenshots a few months ago.

  3. Question for podcast: what exactly do you guys mean when you say Trevor is “living the life”?


    Jack in Portland, OR

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