Cleaning out my RSS reader – please help rebuild it!

I’ve been playing the miles and points game for about four years now. When I first started out, I voraciously added blogs to my Google Reader (R.I.P.) – I’m sure you can guess a lot of the blogs I added.

After the first couple months, I barely added¬†anything to my RSS reader (which is now Newsblur) – in fact aside from the Saverocity global feed I can’t think of any blog I’ve added in the last two years – not because I haven’t discovered any new, interesting ones – just because of inertia.

This is all that survived my Points folder purge
This is all that survived my Points folder purge

So this is a call for help – I’d like to outsource my revamping of my RSS reader. I’ve pretty much gotten rid of everything except Saverocity, EF’s blog, The Flight Deal, and Travel Codex.

What do people suggest I sign up for? I can’t access social media at work so my RSS reader is my lifeline to what is going on. I’d like to stay on top of:

– Credit card deals

– Miles and points happenings

– Family travel stuff

– Affiliate link pumping (jk. Though I should say I don’t mind it if the content is good).

– Anything else interesting

Any advice or suggestions would be most appreciated! I’m actually really curious to see who people follow.


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3 thoughts on “Cleaning out my RSS reader – please help rebuild it!

  1. dr of credit. hes on top of his game right far the most helpful content of all cc and points bloggers.

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