Buongiorno from Rome!

This is why we come to Italy
This is why we come to Italy

Well, we made it to Italy no more worse for the wear! Thanks to Alitalia trying to force us to buy a business class ticket for our daughter who isn’t half a year old yet, we “slummed” it in angled lie-flat seats on Delta. The seat would have been fairly comfortable – if I didn’t have said daughter strapped to my chest.

Thanks to Alitalia, we also had to make a connection in JFK. Note to self: avoid JFK whenever possible. Man, I hate that airport! After a thirty minute flight from Boston, we taxiied for…thirty minutes to get to the gate. Baby M almost pitched a fit in that last thirty minutes. We also decided that was a great time to do a diaper change, which we did with her standing up on Jess’ lap. SKILLZ.

Our first class seat BOS-JFK. Notice the overstimulated baby
Our first class seat BOS-JFK. Notice the overstimulated baby

Thanks to the taxi to nowhere, we didn’t have time to check out the new roofdeck in the Delta Sky lounge at JFK, which was pretty disappointing. We made it onto our flight, which was pretty smooth sailing. Baby M slept for five of the seven hours on the flight and barely made a peep the whole time. Someone even was nice enough to tell me she was the “best baby ever” (on a plane). I’m not sure fellow travelers at this hotel would agree though – she kept me up for three hours last night. But hey, at least the flight was uneventful!

Jess in our business class seat – shoulda been lie flat on Alitalia! #firstclassproblems

Anyway, it’s kind of surreal to be here in Rome with Baby M. We strolled to the Spanish Steps and ate a nice meal. Today we are going to make our way to the Pantheon. Anyway, here are some pictures for your enjoyment!

Protip: Always get the ice cream sundae for dessert on US airlines
Family picture at the Spanish Steps
Family picture at the Spanish Steps
And I’m spent


Just an average joe trying to fly his family for less

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