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Bavarian Summer: Lazy Sunday in Salzburg – not.

Mirabelle Gardens
Mirabelle Gardens with M

We figured nothing would top the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg and we were mostly right. Still, we found ways to keep ourselves busy on Sunday morning before we left for Berchtesgaden. The Crowne Plaza extended our checkout to 1 PM so we had some time to explore. My parents went to a concert at the Salzburg Music Festival so we were on our own.

View from the river
View from the river

We started the day by walking through the nearby Mirabelle Gardens. Instead of reliving Do-re-mi, we were looking for the Sunday morning brass band concert. I didn’t really do much research (Jess came up with the idea), but the brass band set up in a nice shady spot under the trees and played some wonderful music. M of course was a big fan because she loves “danshing” to music.

Happy trombone section
Happy trombone section

After taking in a few songs, we made our way forward, but just as we were about to exit the park, Jess goes, “Wait, is that the Lion King?” Sure enough, the band was playing Circle of Life. I had to go back. As we were rushing back I was like, “Wait, now that’s Just Can’t Wait to be a King.” IT’S A LION KING MEDLEY!

No time to smell the roses!
No time to smell the roses!

They went Circle of Life => Just Can’t Wait to be a King => Be Prepared => Hakuna Matata => Can You Feel the Love Tonight (bleh) => Circle of Life REPRISE. It was my favorite Europe musical experience since the greatest street band I’ve ever seen in my life in Madrid played Hotel California. At this point the morning was going great.


Unfortunately, due to the amount of time I spent being a dork, we now did not have enough time to go visit the Salzburg Fortress which had been the original plan. Despite this, some genius (me) decided we should walk up a huge hill to get there anyway. While pushing a stroller. Again.


We got there, and of course there was nothing to do because we had no time to go in. So we took a long, windy path above the city along the Monchsberg. It would have been pretty scenic except a) we were in bad moods because for some reason once again we found ourselves hiking with a young child for no reason, and b) we were stressed about getting back to the hotel in time.

Nice view, though
Nice view, though

But the reality was, that’s a great walk and I really recommend it for anyone who wants to view the beautiful city of Salzburg from a unique vantage point. You can’t really call it a hike, it just felt that way due to the stroller situation. We made it back to the hotel at 12:45, just in time for check out, and my parents were kind enough to pick up lunch for us. Brilliant.


Final Thoughts

You know what I define as a good trip to a city? When I feel like I saw a lot of what the city had to offer but am left wanting more. That’s how I felt about Salzburg, our two days were too short yet we had a lot of wonderful (or memorable, at least) experiences in those two days. Our introduction to Austria had been a great one, but it was time to head back to Germany for a few days before finishing in Vienna. So long, Salzburg!


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  1. Amazed that you have time to post! But your post reminds me exactly of Salzburg: cannot be done in one trip! I’ve been twice and would be glad to visit again.

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