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Back from Ireland!

My wife (the points hater) and I just got back from what might be our last trip in awhile (hopefully not). It was a short but wonderful trip, we had a lot of fun, a couple of (mis)adventures, and saw a lot of rainbows (at least 7!) I hope to have some trip reports soon, but for now, a few quick thoughts:

– the weather is as rainy as they say, but the combination of sun/rain/sun/rain produces some spectacular views

– the Irish people might be even nicer than advertised: despite my introvertedness, even I couldn’t help enjoying conversations with strangers

– Guiness really is better over there

– Applied and approved for three credit cards while over there – even calling a reconsideration line on Skype: score!

– No leprechauns. Sad.

– Who knew Ireland had nice beaches? (Well, one at least)

– Driving on the other side of the road is quite an adventure.

– It’s such a short hop from Boston, I hope we get to go back sometime

Anyway, I’ll leave a few pictures to whet your appetite for more later.

Just an average joe trying to fly his family for less

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