This past week has left me in a slightly sour mood with regard to travel, offset by some solid handling by the airlines.  I didn’t get to hang out with my college friends this weekend, and I have to tell you, drafting your fantasy football team from your basement while everyone else is partying up the occasion is slightly depressing.  I normally have no problem with the remote draft in most leagues, but I digress… a quick roundup of this weekend’s travel interests, as told to me by The Internet (which they have on computers now) –

  • Speculation is rampant that British Airways may devalue the best short haul award chart on the planet.  Free-quent Flyer and our very own Kenny have both pointed to a strong hint at what may come by looking at the Iberia award chart, a partner program with BA who has historically held an identical award chart.  If Kenny’s tweet is any indicator, keep an eye out at his blog, Miles4More, for his take on alternatives.  In the meantime, a breakdown of the situation is available at Milenomics.  I need to burn those 18,000 Avios I was just refunded, just in case!
  • Alaska Airlines operations in San Francisco (SFO) have moved to the International Terminal while construction happens in their previous home.  This doesn’t fix their lounge situation at SFO – or rather, their lack-of-a-lounge-at-all situation, but the response is otherwise mostly positive
  • Speaking of Alaska, it looks like their Seattle Spat has taken its toll – just not on Alaska or Delta.  In a bit of collateral damage, United has dropped SEA-PDX service.  The same thread also points to the disappearance of SEA-NRT, which makes sense given that Star Alliance partner ANA flies it, as well as Delta.  Still, is it too early to start saying that the loser in the Alaska/Delta battle will be the other legacies serving Seattle?  As Delta builds a hub there, it’s looking increasingly likely that everyone except Alaska will be impacted
  • I missed a pretty sweet mistake fare earlier today, albeit one way and departing from Montreal.  I could have been at my favorite place on Earth this winter for a bit over $300 on the outbound.  With the way my luck has played out, my travel plans would get canceled anyway
  • Almost entirely not travel related, except that maybe if you buy some and make it, it might taste a little like Italy – Amazon has a solid deal on Lavazza coffee.  I went for a kilo of Super Crema whole bean, with an additional 20% discount using Amazon Mom.  I just bought coffee today, so I’ll be set until this one ships.  As usual, the Amazon link points to AmazonSmile, and I encourage you to support your favorite charity if you choose to order – I receive no compensation for your purchase.  HT:  jskins @ FatWallet

Enjoy the week.  Mine starts with a teacher in-service day tomorrow, meaning my daughter’s at home and we get to go to the beach while it isn’t crowded.  In the grand scheme of it, that matters a heck of a lot more than going to Florence on devalued Avios anyhow.

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