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Tsum Tsum Star Wars: I Must Have This in My Life

Tsum Tsum Star Wars
Just a quick post today to share the new Star Wars Tsum Tsum collection at The Disney Store . I’ve been quietly obsessed with Tsum Tsum before since our trip to Japan and Hong Kong last year. The Deal Kids each collected a character from each park and Tsum Tsum also arrived in my stocking courtesy of Deal Kid, who ordered them special from Hong Kong. Deal Kid saw the Star Wars Tsum Tsum and shouted “I MUST HAVE THESE!”, which is about the best endorsement they can get.

Tsum Tsum are Kawaii in the extreme and now are featured stateside at Target with home items I’ve snapped up. I’d like to tell you the blanket is for Deal Girl, but who are we kidding?

I can’t be the only Tsum Tsum obsessed adult there, so feel free to share. This is a safe space.

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