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The Unsung Hotel Status Perk

The Unsung hotel status perk
Greetings from Virginia Beach! Today I want to give a quick shout out to a hotel status perk I often neglect to mention but that I utilize frequently: late check out. Late check out is often the difference between a frazzled exit and a leisurely one- maybe with a last activity or memorable meal thrown in.

Take today: checkout 11AM. Usually translates to: wake kids up at 830, shovel foods down groggy mouths till 930,  one hour pool, frantic scramble to car with at least one guaranteed Mommy Meltdown.

Or: checkout 2PM with Club Carlson Gold Status. Kids wake up naturally at 9, easy breakfast till 10. Surrey bike rental till 12. One hour pool, then an hour to dress and clear the room. Now, I’m not guaranteeing NO Mommy meltdown, but the chances are a lot better!

Which trip would you rather take?

Many chains (Hyatt, IHG, Club Carlson, Hilton among them) offer enough status to earn late checkout just by carrying their co-branded credit card.  If you don’t travel enough to earn status, late checkout is one among many perks that might make a hotel card more valuable than you think.

Of course if a hotel is at low occupancy you can ask nicely, but the guarantee of late checkout even on a holiday weekend is a solid perk.

The Difference between Surrey and No Surrey.

The Difference between Surrey and No Surrey.

So today on my bicycle built for 4 I’ll say a quick thanks to our Club Carlson Credit Card.

What has late checkout given you? Please share in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “The Unsung Hotel Status Perk

  1. Jamie

    Man, I can’t even count the number of times that meant we got to relax and head to the airport from the hotel, rather than packing up in the morning, putting luggage in storage, trying to fit something fun in there, and then going back to get our luggage before the flight.
    Our kids sleep until like 9, too! I hate the idea of having to wake them up when we’re on vacation.

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      It can get you early checkin, too! Maybe not always 5am, but generally noon (and I’ve had pretty good luck emailing the hotel beforehand and letting them know of my arrival).

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