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A New Source for Global Lodging (Did I Mention Free Stays?)

Listing "217" in Hong Kong, which I'm seriously considering for my trip in July.

Listing “217” in Hong Kong, which I’m seriously considering for my trip in July. Cost? 536 points/night.


One of the joys of blogging is an early heads up on the next big thing. I saw a note from Sabrina at Just One Way Ticket about a new house sharing and rental site based in France worth a mention: Trampolinn.

Based on my initial perusing, I think Trampolinn could be a useful tool in the travel hacker’s toolkit. The value proposition is similar to CouchSurfing and Air B&B where individuals rent to each other and you get some protection from the site with payments and identity verification.  Listing range from couch surfing to entire homes.

Here’s where Trampolinn stands out: they have a points system with a referral network and sign-up bonuses that could easily earn you free nights quickly!

You get:

  • 50 points for signing up
  • 50 for uploading a photo (links to FB so no time at all)
  • 100 points for completing a profile (which took less than a minute)
  • 50 points for adding your Skype info
  • 50 points for referring a friend (with 500 and 1000 point bonuses)
  • 1000 points for listing your own property (Note: You do NOT have to list your property. There’s a “skip” button at the bottom of the listing page.)  I would consider doing so, though.  I hesitated until I realized we’d need a dog sitter for two weeks this summer. The process took 2 minutes and I used a picture already on FB.  I just blacked out the rest of the year and my 1000 points still posted right away.

Being based in France the site looks to be strongest in Europe, but I see a good amount in the US and Australia and a few in other parts of the globe.  200 points (what you get for free in 5 minutes) could get you a private room in a home free easily.  Get a few friends to sign up and you open up a lot more opportunities.  I see apartments in Hong Kong, Madrid, and New York, for example, in the 300-450 range per night. You can also buy “point packs” to top up.  At 10 Euro for 200 and 100 Euro for 3500 it may be worth just shopping the site as well.

I’m shopping the site for my upcoming trip to Japan, Hong Kong and Vietnam and see 2 apartments in Hong Kong for 400-500 points/night that may be just the ticket…

Have you used Trampolinn?  Please share your experiences in the comments.


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7 thoughts on “A New Source for Global Lodging (Did I Mention Free Stays?)

  1. Gene

    i just cant wrap my mind around it… why would someone leave their entire apartment to me for 2 nights in exchange for 1000 point, which i earned for simply signing up??
    do the owners get paid by Trampolinn?

    1. thedealmommy Post author

      Hi Gene,
      My guess is that the signup bonus is for a limited time, and you only earn the bonus once.

      So if someone wants say the month long Caribbean swap I saw, they’ve gotta save up!

      I also have mine listed for only the times I need a house-sitter…another possible reason.

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