TaggingMiles Weekly Travel News Round-up: 26 December 2014

Happy Holidays, a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Boxing Day, and apologies in advance for things being a bit light!

The Weekly News Roundup is a collection of headlines from around the internet that caught the attention of the Tagging Miles team. Content on these blogs do not necessarily reflect the positions of Tagging Miles, and should not be considered endorsements. Have a great story we should read? Contact us now and let us know!

Reselling and Shopping Portals

  • FrequentMiler reports that ShopDiscover sort’ve goes away January 8. It’ll become “DiscoverDeals” – I’ve played around the with the site myself, and I’m normally one for change, and this time is no different. I found it a bit more challenging to navigate when I knew exactly what store I was looking for.


  • MileNerd’s last post of the year has some fun little tidbits.
  • One Mile at a Time had the chance to attend the A350 Delivery Ceremony. I’ve got a lot of thoughts on the A350, perhaps enough for a post of my own, but I think Lucky sums it up perfectly with this: “But there was nothing revolutionary about the product, in my opinion.” He continues to note that the biggest benefit of the A350 is to Airlines in the lower operating costs. Of course he also notes the great reverse herringbone seats. Personally, I tend to like Qatar’s reverse herringbone seats more than American’s version.
  • Wandering Aramean has a great clip of the Northern Lights from the Space Station. Personally speaking, I’ve never seen them with my own eyes. I want to, I just have this strange aversion to cold. (I suppose that is ironic, having grown up on Long Island, NY).
  • Wandering Aramean also had the chance to fly on the Commemorative Air Force B-24 Liberator. Its the same aircraft that the protagonist of “Unbroken” a movie premiering this week was in, when he went down. Read the post. I’m speechless.

Travel / Trip Reports

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