#ResellingDO2 Updates and Tickets to go on sale

I mentioned far too long ago (nearly a month) that the next #ResellingDO will be 19 March 2016 in Baltimore, MD.

Key Details:

  • As I had mentioned in my announcement that I wanted to make it a full day event, that said, it will be 9am to 5pm,
  • It will be held at Johnny Sanchez at the Horseshoe Casino
  • We’re including lunch, and capping the day off with a happy hour–because, networking is where the magic really happens.
  • The cost will be $55+2.37 (eventbrite fees).
  • Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Tuesday, 19 January @7:30pm Eastern time), you can buy them here

Initially, we’re releasing 35 tickets. I still want to keep the event small, but also want to somehow balance demand.

I’ve had folks ask what level the presentations will be at. With an event this size, I want to be inclusive, but, also acknowledge that there are varying skill levels. As such, I’m trying to orient the presentations toward folks who have at least made the initial jump into reselling. For example, one of the presenters who’s already signed on, will be talking about sales tax, which is a big deal for resellers as you scale up. All are welcome, but I do want to manage expectations.


33 thoughts on “#ResellingDO2 Updates and Tickets to go on sale

  1. Why do you guys make an “event” out of everything until you kill that too? Everyone tries to use their greed to suck the life out of everything. Why not just be happy with the money you make from reselling? Why have reselling events? You guys won’t be happy until you kill this too and there’s nothing left.

    • @Gezz, I’m sorry you’re dissatisfied with the event. I’ve intentionally kept it small, with a greater focus on networking. I can assure you, I’m not making money off the event. The value I see is, again, the networking and knowledge transfer.

      • Well, I see your point now. Reselling isn’t really like MS. To me, you’re just leading a bunch of lazy people into a trap where they’ll lose tons of money and hate your guts for it. Reselling isn’t meant for everyone like MS. Reselling isn’t dummy proof. You pay dearly for your mistakes in reselling.

        • @Gezz, I agree with you that reselling isn’t the same as MS. However on your further point, I beg to differ, I think if you look at my posts on reselling, and MS in general, I spend quite a bit of time on the risks. I also don’t share deals. I’ve made it a point not to hand fish out, but rather focus on teaching folks to fish.

    • @ Gezz. lol, you serious? The guy is having a small conference limited to 35 people. There are conferences with hundreds of people all the time on reselling. Free training/tips on reselling can be found on fourms, facebook, youtube to name a few. Over 1 Billion units were sold by 3rd parties on AZ last year with that number growing every day. Don’t think a small conference focused on networking is going to kill FBA…

    • @Craig – my plan is to send a survey out, hopefully this weekend, once I get some feedback, I’ll start to narrow things down. I’ve already got half the line-up of speakers identified, and I’m trying to nail down a couple more, but, want to make sure the agenda is consistent with skill and expectation level of the attendees (at least the early ticket buyers).

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  3. It’s now Jan 19th 5pm EST, when I clicked the link to buy the ticket, it says “this event is currently unavailable.” Is it sold out already? Wow, that was quick!

  4. You are freaking kidding me. 29 minutes after they went on sale, I am on a waitlist.

    NOOOOO. And I bought my airline ticket already! SHOOT.

  5. Trevor

    Are you planning on taking a couple walk-ins. I’m in the Baltimore area, at least I can gamble if no walk-ins are allowed.

    P.S I’m on the damn waiting list too. I got caught up, didn’t have time to pull the trigger.


    • @Dereck – you’re best spot is on the wait list. We can’t take walk-ins day of. Sometimes folks last minute have a conflict in which case, I’d be looking toward the wait list to fill those.

  6. Trevor–could you let people know where they are on the waitlist? It appears that you are keeping it at 35? My impression (could be wrong) was that there was a possibility that you’d open to more tickets.

    If not, and I’m, say, 20 on the waitlist, I may as well cancel my flight now, you know?

    • @MickiSue – I am hesitant to release the wait list, since it has e-mail address and names on it. However anyone who e-mails me via Trevor(at)Taggingmiles(dot)com, I will be happy to tell them where they stand on the waitlist. To reiterate, additional tickets may be released early February, and the wait list folks get first picks.

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