Ebates birthday – 15% cashback coming soon!

Ebates Birthday

Ebates sent out a teaser e-mail this evening about the Ebates Birthday celebration next week. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty excited!

Before I go further: If you don’t already have an Ebates account, please consider signing up with my link – you’ll get $10.

Past Performance is not an indication of Future Success – But could be!

Last year, Ebates pretty much floored me, so much so that I went big. Last year, was Ebates 16th birthday, and they celebrated by geting 16% off various merchants, including, Staples! That’s right – for a day Staples was 16% cash back!

Preparing for Ebates Birthday Week

Ebates implies a few things — First of all, they recommend that you get their App. I’ve talked in the past, about enhanced cashback via the Ebates app, they also recommend the “cash back button” as a browser add-on. I don’t do that personally… But you never know.

Really this is a great opportunity for any purchases you may need to make.

It’s also a great opportunity if you happen to do reselling via Online Arbitrage (OA), in which case you could really clean up. Last year my Ebates rebate was north of $600 just from a single day of Ebates Birthday – the day they bumped Staples up to 16%. In hindsight, I don’t think I even went as big as I should have. So you can be sure I’ll be looking for going bigger this year! Besides, if Staples were to be 15% this year, that’s 15% + 5x (Ink) + 5% (Staples Rewards) – so 25%! Seems like it could have great potential!

Bottom Line

Be ready! May 9-16th, will be an excellent opportunity to leverage 15% cashback at some of yours (and my) favorite stores! I don’t know about you, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that Staples is on their list once again!

6 thoughts on “Ebates birthday – 15% cashback coming soon!

  1. But like most all cash back portals, gift cards at Staples, or most anywhere else, wouldn’t count for their rebates I’m assuming.

    • @Chris – That is likely the case, but, I find that its nice to try to max out the Ink 5x, so going direct never hurts.

    • @bleebz – Well, I do get pretty excited about higher cashback bonuses… Almost as much as I do about award availability.

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