Surveying Scotland: Introduction

Two kids creates more than twice the work. That holds true for regular life and travel. Nonetheless, we took it upon ourselves to travel to the United Kingdom to celebrate our son's first birthday. Just kidding, it's just when we were free. As always, we paid for the majority of our flight with points. We even booked our first transatlantic flights in coach for the first time in five years. Slumming it! Just kidding, I'm just practicing what I've been preaching in my family travel hacking guide. Read below for details of what we booked and the thought process behind it all. I wrote about booking our flights to the UK awhile back. Man, can't believe I booked this trip back in August 2015. Either way, Delta availability still remains [...]

Thoughts from a Quick Trip to Las Vegas

I recently was in Las Vegas for a wedding and had a few random travel thoughts that I thought I'd put down on paper. Nothing earth shattering, but maybe a useful tip or two nonetheless. Let's cut to the chase: Flying On this trip I had the chance to compare two domestic first class flights, though both had their downsides. On the outbound I flew United first BOS-EWR-LAS. My major issue here? On the BOS-EWR, United was happy to have me pay $6 to watch half an hour of Direct TV (I was in the back for that leg), on the five hours EWR-LAS leg, there were zero IFE options. I know a lot of people don't care about IFE, but I do and that was downright annoying. On the [...]

Baggage Charges for Infants and Toddlers – A Guide

Earlier today while Matt was gearing up for a trip with his family he wrote the following tweet: https://twitter.com/Saverocity/status/620241966698262528 Nobody seemed to reply to him (or I don't know how to use my Twitter properly, which is probable) and he got my curious, so I decided to look up baggage fees for infants and children. When we were only dealing with one infant we managed to still travel light - two roller carry ons plus caddy/carseat combination were enough. It was a bit cumbersome at the airport but doable. When our infant became a toddler, we ended up getting a car seat bag - in all our travels we were able to check the car seat bag for free (and stuff it with diapers and other stuff). At that point [...]

Turks and Caicos: Getting to Paradise

We just got back from a family trip to Turks and Caicos. Rather than do a full trip report (for reasons that should quickly become apparent), I thought I'd just do some random thoughts spread over a couple posts. This was our first family trip with two grandkids in tow - we took up seven seats on the plane - grandparents, two sets of parents, M in her own seat, and her little nephew in lap. Amusingly enough, we found out the day we left that Providenciales just topped Trip Advisor's Travelers' Choice list - great timing by us! This post is mostly the boring logistical stuff, mostly parent related - but I've tried to include pictures foreshadowing what's yet to come! Booking Flights and Accommodations  It's easy to brag about [...]

Remember to Check Award Space Regularly: Slightly Discounted Business Class on Asiana A380

Update: Since I wrote this last night, United has actually made their "non-advertised" sale official. See details here (book by 2/28!) When friends ask me about awards they want to book - the resourceful ones often want to learn how to fish. One thing I always tell them is: keep checking for award space - you never know what you might find. Recently, two separate pieces of information surfaced in the blogosphere that I didn't even think to connect in my head (though I'm sure many did). But everything clicked when my buddy Dan messaged me today: "Hey I can fly from JFK to Seoul on an A380 for 70,000 miles in business?" Why, yes, Dan, you can right now! When I first saw that Asiana would be starting a [...]

Reminder: You can add a free one-way on United awards

My entire family went to Hong Kong for some family stuff last weekend. While I used my miles to get a good last minute flight, my parents paid cash. Luckily, their cash fare allowed a stopover so they pushed a trip to visit us here in Boston back one weekend to this one. This post is an illustration of how a proper knowledge of the ins and outs of miles programs can save you money. My parents original plan I was so busy catching up when I got back from Hong Kong that it didn't even register with me that my parents were coming to Boston on a one way ticket. It didn't occur to me until they were at the airport waiting for their flight to Boston to ask: [...]

Using Miles for Last Minute Travel: An Example

I mostly use my miles and points for vacation, but they can also really come in handy in a pinch. Long story short, I need to return to Hong Kong this weekend for some last minute family stuff. Trever might have the energy to go to Hong Kong for 43 hours of fun, but I normally wouldn't do something like this. But I really wanted to go back to be with my family and so I leveraged my miles and points to get me there. I figured it might be a good case study to outline the thought process I go through when booking an award ticket - especially when against the gun. Step 1: Make a cost/benefit analysis of whether to go or not For me, I had to [...]