My first (last?) ever mileage run

Back in June, I wrote about passing on the Jetblue/Virgin America mileage run deal. Basically I said it wasn't worth the time or extra effort. Oops. I'll blame @robertdwyer for corrupting me and convincing me that the deal was indeed worth it. In the end, I earned 75,000 Jetblue points and 50,000 Virgin America points for 20,000 SPG points, 25,000 TYP points, and $150. Time will tell whether it was worth it, but what's done is done and I can't go back! In other news, I took the first mileage run of my entire life this morning! We found a $114 fare from Boston Logan to Nantucket, MA. The outbound departed at 6:35 AM and the return departed at 8:00 AM. Since this might be my last mileage run ever, [...]

On the value of not chasing deals

Update 2: I am weak. Update: This deal is getting more and more tempting, especially since Jetblue is strong in Boston and we fly a lot of coach. Here's a nice analysis of the value you can get. Also @robertdwyer is really doing a great job of peer pressure on Twitter! Will I remain strong?!?!? I want to chase so bad! Ahhhhh. There is a really good deal going on right now. As always in the blogosphere I have no idea who reported it first, but I first saw it on Angelina Travels so she gets the hat tip. Just keep an eye out for affiliate links though. Anyway, that's not really what this post is about. If you're not familiar with the deal, basically Jetblue is trying to steal [...]

Ads suck. What else is new?

There has been a lot of hubbub about the mommy blogger rant that's gone viral in the past few days. I credit Dia for bridging it into the miles and points world (at least out of the blogs I read). Apparently it was in Time magazine or something? I only read that at the doctor's office and that's only after I've done all the searches in Highlights magazine. Commence rambling! I enjoyed the rant. I enjoy TBB's rants. I think they are important and remind us to keep everything in perspective. More importantly, they are reminders to us that we need to be intelligent consumers. Shady schilling and shameless promotion definitely get me worked up from time to time. But let's be honest here: advertisements and promotions have been around [...]

Are you focusing on your goals?

"Think on the end before you start." - Fortune Cookie In my presentation at FT4RL, a good portion of my talk was dedicated to hammering home the point that it is important to have clear goals in this game and to be focusing your time on meeting those goals - especially if you have limited time. Goals look different at different stages of life of course: realistic goals change after you get a dog, or a spouse, or start taking care of a kid(s). That's why I find it important to review and revise our family's travel goals from time to time. Shawn from milestomemories related a sad (to me) fact at the conference: he'll get way more hits on a post about saving literally a dollar or two than [...]

Do people make a commission on buy mile promotions?

Update: Turns out the internet had answers to my questions before I even asked them! Check out this post by Dia in February and comments by Oliver2002 on this FT thread. One of the things that has always annoyed me about the miles and points blog world is the incessant pushing of buy or share miles promotions. I actually think it bugs me more than credit card promotion because I personally find signing up for credit card bonuses to be a way better return on my investment than buying miles (though I have done both). I really got to thinking after the Alaska Air Emirates devaluation last week. If you were paying attention, some time in mid February Alaska did a 40% bonus on mile purchases and quite a few [...]

What’s your blindspot?

On Episode 25 of the Saverocity Observation Deck, I went on a little rant about how Delta gets so much crap even though they release a lot more award space than they are given credit for, especially from the East Coast to Europe. Meanwhile everyone keeps talking about American Airlines as if they are the best program for this game (I understand there is going to be a push due to the devalution but still). I'll admit, six months ago I was all about AA as well. In fact I had moved to AA miles being my principal source of investment. But I've realized with all the criticism (much of it deserved) that is directed at Delta, it had become a major blindspot in my strategy. I got to the point [...]

Making sure the Hyatt Diamond deal doesn’t get the best of me

For about six hours, it was possible to match almost any hotel chain status to Hyatt Diamond. Ironically, the PR move was one of the many things that has ended up costing Hyatt some loyal customers (I first remember Dia writing she was done in December and Julian just wrote about it this week). I totally understand Diamond members who earned status via hard work being frustrated about that, but this post isn’t for you. This post is for all of us who glommed onto Hyatt Diamond the "easy way". I’ve been realizing that having Diamond status has been subtly and not so subtly affecting the way I plan my travel. That has got to stop, otherwise this win-win situation is going to turn into a win-lose situation, with me [...]