TBT: My travel obsession began in 90 degree heat (Amalfi Coast)

Throwback Thursdays are a new feature here at asthejoeflies. They are stories from my travel experiences with zero regard to miles and points. Hopefully they inspire you, either to these destinations or beyond! "I really don't want to travel to multiple destinations for our honeymoon." In fact, I wasn't sure I even wanted to go overseas. But my wife prevailed and we made our first of many life compromises. Three cities in Spain spread out over a week combined with one week on the Amalfi Coast, our "relaxation" week. We rented an apartment in Praiano (no hot water, bed like sheet rock), a quiet little town tucked into the mountainside between Positano and Amalfi. We'd eat dinner until 10 PM, then walk to the plaza in front of one of [...]

How to Plan Travel for Summer 2015 – Part 1

It's the time of the year to start planning our summer travels. Actually, you could say it's even a little late for that, depending on your definition of summer. We usually travel in July so we're a bit behind. Remember, most airlines open their schedules up 330 days in advance, so I can book travel up through August 11th right now on most programs. This post will outline my thought process for booking travel and hopefully give you some ideas for how you want to use your hard earned miles next summer! If you don't know the answers to these questions, you're likely not ready to book yet...get crackin! Question 0: Cash or Miles? If the answer to Question 0 is cash, you can pretty much skip the rest of [...]

Delta Airbus 330 Business Elite Review – with a baby!

I'm not going to do an in depth trip report of our flight, but I just wanted to give my impressions of Delta's Business Elite product - the non lie-flat kind. Delta's fleet of Airbus A330s are leftovers from the Northwest merger, and feature angled recline seating as opposed to the 777s and 767s which have fully lie-flat seating (they're very nice, btw, flew one from HKG-DTW once). Not the most comfortable seats, but of course it beat flying overseas in coach. We flew the same type of plane both ways so I'll just hit both flights in the same post and touch a little bit on the infant experience at the end. If you're interested on how we got on these flights for under $100 each, you can look [...]

One last day in Italy…

Alas, all good things must come to an end, and by the time this posts our Italy vacation will already be over. With my family already back in the United States, Jess, the baby, and I had one final day alone in Florence to enjoy the sights. Spoiler alert: we ate a lot of gelato. There was one final museum I wanted to see in Florence (we had hit a bunch already): the Galileo Museum. It's basically a collection of nerdy toys and machines that scientist used from about 1000 to 1900 AD. It was awesome. First of all, it has air conditioning that works in every single room except the lobby, unlike...every other museum in this city. Secondly, science is awesome and I am always in awe of how [...]

The Worst Thing About Tuscany…

Is the mosquitos! I got eaten up which is to be expected out in the countryside, but here in Florence it's no better! I spent the first ten minutes in our new hotel hunting and killing mosquitos. Blood was spilt as I killed some. Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it was mostly my blood. Anyway, if you ever come to Florence and Tuscany, bring bug repellant. Baby M doesn't really seem to care, and they seem to be going for the big people's blood, so that's good...I guess. We're here in Florence for a few days. It's crazy hot, so maybe I'll spend sometime in the hotel updating some pictures. I thought I was getting travel fatigue but walking around the city today I got a nice vibe and the duomo [...]

Arrivederci, Tuscany!

Other posts in this series: Italy, Here We Come! (Ready or Not) Pantheon, Pizza, and Pasta Relaxing in Tuscany Arrivederci, Tuscany! One last day in Italy... Delta Airbus 330 Business Elite Review - with a baby! 

Relaxing in Tuscany

Well, if there's one thing you can rely on in Europe, it's spotty wifi. The house we're staying in here in Tuscany is no exception, but it's so beautiful and relaxing here it doesn't really matter. We have been relaxing by the pool and slowly exploring the beautiful hill towns in the region - and drinking lots of wine. Baby M has good nights and bad, but overall despite how tough things are at times, she seems to be enjoying herself and I'm happy to see how stimulated she is by the new environment. She even went swimming for the first time! Anyway, due to the intermittent internet I'll just post a few pictures. Other posts in this series: Italy, Here We Come! (Ready or Not) Pantheon, Pizza, and Pasta [...]