Bavarian Summer: A Seat, a Bed, and a Toddler – and The End!

Ahhh...the best part of writing trip reports is the last entry. Originally we were scheduled to take a similar flight to our outbound so I wasn't going to write about it. However, we ended up taking Lufthansa's 747-400 first class product - aka a seat AND a bed. I figured anyone who was thinking of taking an infant or toddler in LH F might want to see how that impacted things. So let's finish this! After our time in the First Class Terminal, we were driven in a minivan to our plane. People get driven in all sorts of cool cars from the FCT to their plane - Porsches, Benzes, and GRAND CARAVANS. I found it pretty amusing, hopefully the dude who shared the car with us did too (he [...]

Bavarian Summer: Lufthansa First Class Terminal Good for Toddlers?

On our way home, we had the chance to stop by the Lufthansa First Class Terminal in Frankfurt. Aka the building that in its entirety is a lounge. I gotta say, I think it was a bit too overhyped. Don't get me wrong, it's super cool - but I personally feel it's only marginally better than the regular Lufthansa first class lounges. It's a neat thing to have and experience, but the first class lounges are pretty spectacular on their own. I'm going to try to stick to the toddler-related aspects of the lounge; it's been over-covered extensively elsewhere. We arrived in Frankfurt from Vienna around lunchtime and our flight wasn't until late afternoon so we had a good couple of hours to kill. It was a good thing too because finding the [...]

Bavarian Summer: Rating the Toddler Friendliness of Our Hotels

I wasn't planning on reviewing the hotels we stayed in on our trip, but I got to thinking I would have loved to see a parent's view on the toddler friendliness of these hotels before we got here. So instead of a "review", I just wanted to give a few thoughts on how each of the hotels we stayed at were equipped to deal with toddlers. As always, bear in mind we were in a unique situation having only one child and grandparents in a nearby room. Crowne Plaza Salzburg I booked two rooms at this hotel for 30,000 IHG points per night - the going rate was about 190 Euros/night so it was a pretty good deal. In terms of location, the Crowne Plaza worked out well for us. [...]

Bavarian Summer: Food in Germany and Austria

It has now come time for me to write the "food post." I was considering not writing one, but some loyal readers (read: 2) requested it and who am I to turn them down!? Here are some of the types of foods we ate - and I've made note to highlight some of our most memorable culinary experiences as well. Pretzels, Beer, and Wine Let's start out with some of the lighter stuff. Germany is home to many, many pretzels. You can find them on every street corner, every pub, even in some restaurants. I would not say that the pretzels are amazing - but they are solid and I averaged one per day during our time in Germany (they weren't as readily available in Austria). Obviously Germany is pretty [...]

Tips for Surviving Europe with a Toddler

Since getting back from Germany, I've been thinking about what might have made our travels with our toddler a little bit easier. This definitely was a tougher trip than when we went to Italy with M as a six month old baby. I recognize we will never be traveling to Europe with an 18 month old ever again, but hopefully some of these thoughts might help some of the other parents out there! A couple notes - all my thoughts are as a parent of ONE child, I'm sure some other bloggers at Saverocity know a lot more about traveling with multiple kids. Secondly, as Tip 1 will quite clearly illustrate, we traveled in a unique situation that made life a LOT easier. Tip 1: Bring backup If you've been paying [...]

The Most Annoying Things about Coming Home from Vacation

Vacations are great. Coming home, not so much. My friend asked me today if I'm going through vacation withdrawal, and while I honestly answered no (I'm glad to be back), there are still some issues that are annoying me in the 24 hours since we got back. Not including finishing the trip report. :P What really inspired me to write this post is my lost mail - so let me start my venting list with that. Organizing Piles of Mail Usually I really hate sorting through all my junk mail when I get home. Back in the day, it was pretty easy to throw out...well, basically everything. But these days I have to be on the lookout for special mailed credit card offers, or reimbursement checks, or various other things [...]

Bavarian Summer: Rainy Days in Berchtesgaden

After singing the Sound of Music in Salzburg, we back tracked into Germany to visit Berchtesgaden and the Eagle's Nest. As we arrived at the Intercontinental Berchtesgaden for check in, I was glad to be back in Bavaria. Although I felt the views were better in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the valleys and mountains around the Intercontinental were beautiful in their own right. After checking in, Jess took a nap and I took M out for a walk. As we were walking, the rain clouds rolled in - and they didn't leave Berchtesgaden until 20 minutes before we did. Like the Intercontinental Thalasso in Bora Bora, the Intercontinental Berchtesgaden seems to be designed to be an idyllic retreat. It's located up on the mountain which means the main town is a 15 minute [...]