Using the My Disney Experience App

I have a problem. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you've probably noticed that I've been to Disney twice over the span of three months (thanks FT4RL!). And I still want to go back... I learned some cool things about the My Disney Experience (MDE) app over this last trip so thought I'd share some features that I found useful. I'd also love to hear tips from others who have experience with the app, so feel free to hit up the comments. 1. You can link physical tickets to your MDE account without going to Guest Relations This was one of the most useful things I learned on this trip. I bought an 8 day pass before the last price increase and thus was able to make some [...]

Daring to Disney: Things I wished I knew before I went to Disney

For someone who hadn't been to Disney in a long time, the trip seemed daunting. So much has changed since I was a kid and of course I wasn't planning the trips then. People fill literal books with all the things there are to know about Disney. Over the course of our week in Disney, I picked up some things that I thought might have been useful to know or better understand before I went. What better way to end this mega trip report than to share them? This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it's my list. I'd love to hear what others wished they had known before they went to Disney, so drop some tips in the comments if you have them! 1) If you're not using magic [...]

Daring to Disney: Tips for parents of toddlers and infants

When I started this series, I talked about how there is so much to absorb when going to Disney and that I was looking forward to figuring things out. As a parent of a toddler and an infant, over the course of the week we learned some things that I thought might be useful for parents of young children going to Disney. Hopefully you can learn something new like I did! Kids under 3 are free With the news of the ticket price increase on Sunday, here's your friendly reminder for what you should already know: kids under three don't pay anything to go into the parks. I'm not sure if this information is outdated, but if you're staying on site and your child is 2 at check in apparently [...]

Daring to Disney: Dining Reviews

180 days before our trip, I made some advanced dining reservations (ADRs). Out of those, I kept Via Napoli, Biergarten, Chef Mickey's, Be Our Guest (lunch), and I made a new reservation for the Coral Reef restaurant. I ended up canceling Le Cellier just because Jess and I didn't want to spend half of our date night at Epcot at dinner. Just as a refresher, Disney allows you to make ADRs at most of their sit down restaurants up to 180 days in advance. If you are staying on site, you can book for your entire trip 180 days before the first day of your trip. Here are my impressions of the five places we hit up with reservations in chronological order, and a few thoughts on some of our favorite [...]

Daring to Disney: One perfect day at the Magic Kingdom

So I haven't decided whether I'll do a ride by ride analysis for Magic Kingdom like I did for the other parks, but what I would like to do is go through one day we had at the park. I made a conscious decision not to go into detail about what most of our days at the parks were like, but I think our last full day at Disney World warrants a bit of detail if only so people can get a feel for how wonderful a day at Disney can be. Sorry I couldn't think of a less saccharin adjective, but I think it truly was one of our best days ever! Previously... This was our seventh straight day in the parks. M had already visited Epcot, Animal Kingdom, [...]

Daring to Disney: Touring Animal Kingdom with a toddler

They say that you should always be prepared for it to rain at Walt Disney World - for us the rain came the morning we planned to go to Animal Kingdom. And oh boy did it ever rain. We were only operating with two ponchos, so this is what we decided was the best set up: Honestly when we got to AK we just wanted to leave - but by the time Jess and M had gotten out of Mickey and Minnie's Adventure Post the rain had slowed. So we found some shelter, ate lunch, and the sun came out. I'm glad we didn't leave as Animal Kingdom definitely became M's second favorite park - though I love the nerd stuff at Epcot it is a little above a three year [...]

Daring to Disney: Touring Epcot attractions with a toddler

OK, I've gotten a little bored about writing about saving money and maximization, so I'm gonna take a break from that stuff and get to the fun stuff - parks! Including the afternoon we arrived, we spent six and a half days in the parks. We broke up our time into three days at Magic Kingdom and two at both Epcot and Animal Kingdom. For this post, I'll be discussing the attractions at Epcot and how my particular toddler (who was about to turn three) felt about them. She is by no means representative of all toddlers, but hopefully our experiences can give you an idea of what to expect if you're going with young kids. For each attraction I'll include a brief description, M's take, and my take. Before [...]