AA bonus transfer from SPG

I don't normally post these "deals" anymore but I wanted to reflect on something related. However I also wanted to avoid a clickbait-y title so I didn't know what else to put as the title. Anyway since the title has the "deal" in it let me get that out of the way: 30k AA miles for a 20k SPG transfer now until 8/7. Useful if you're in a bind and better than the normal 20 => 25 rate but SPG points can be very valuable (and tough to earn especially for people who don't MS regularly) so don't go overboard. What I really wanted to discuss was whether this transfer bonus might be warning signs of the potential AA devaluation. I say potential because I think it's important for us to [...]

How much will British Airways Executive Club Program Changes hurt?

Every time there is a devaluation in the miles and points world, the general message out there is that the sky is falling. While British Airways' most recent Executive Club changes certainly may fall into that category for some people, these changes aren't too big deal a deal to me. Summary of Avios Earning Changes - You'll earn less less for low cost economy fares and more for high cost premium ones - The minimum Avios you can earn on a flight are going down for the lower fare classes - Minor devaluation to earning tier points (major if you fly JFK-LHR regularly for business), which I've never bothered to understand in depth anyway Summary of Avios Redemption Changes Old chart: New chart: - Peak and off-peak rates have been introduced [...]

Concerned about a British Airways Devaluation? Book these

Update: Since I typed this up, via PFD, BA has denied any changes are forthcoming on Twitter. But I think the information on these flights are useful so I'm posting this anyway. These are still good flights to book, and potential devaluations are always a nice reminder to earn and burn. So, I was about to go to bed around midnight last night when I caught wind of a possible British Airways devaluation that can happen any minute. It's not official, but it makes sense that it's going to happen. The first people I saw write about were Free-quent Flyer, View from the Wing, Milenomics, and PFD (plus KennyBSAT on Twitter) - so you can read more about the details there. Anyway, at times like these, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the [...]

Time to get out of the miles and points game?

A few things have happened in the last month or so that have really made me question my competency with miles and points - and even made me wonder whether it's still worth it? In the end, I don't think I'm quitting, buuuut I am getting a bit old (or baby brained) and making mistakes that I shouldn't be. This is happening concurrently with the miles and points game changing (read: devaluations) - can I keep up? Here are some reasons I considered getting out and the solutions that I'm implementing to keep myself IN. Reason 1: I forgot to cancel a card before the annual fee was due This one is kind of embarrassing on two fronts. Before we left for Germany I noticed my Chase Sapphire Preferred card [...]

American and US Airways Devaluations

Here we go again. American and US Airways both introduced some changes to their awards last night. While they aren't major, they are probably just a portent of things to come. I think the most worrying thing about these changes are that they were announced without warning and are effective immediately. That's bad customer service in my book - United and even Delta gave fair warning. Here is a quick summary of changes and the way to deal with them. Change 1: New rates for AAnytime Awards on American MilesAAver awards are the awards that are capacity controlled but also the cheapest. However, American and other airlines offer last seat availability for more miles - these are called AAnytime awards. Well, the price of these has gone up a lot [...]