How much would I pay for an Ultimate Reward point?

Free-quent Flyer kicked off an interesting discussion on Twitter the other day:   https://twitter.com/Saverocity/status/695370092347944961 It's something that we brought up on Episode 23 of the Saverocity Observation Deck last week. As Matt explained on the podcast, his answer wasn't to troll (well, mostly); he was saying that if you need a certain amount to complete a redemption then the amount you are willing to pay goes way up. I agree with Matt, but I've been thinking about something else he said on the podcast all week. I said that I would probably speculatively buy UR points at anything less than 1 cent per point as long as it didn't require me changing out of my pajamas. Matt countered with this point (paraphrased) - "if you're getting enough value out of it, [...]

Using Flexibility to Find Premium Award Space to Australia and New Zealand Part 2 (Skyteam)

I wrote last week about how, if you're flexible enough, you can use United miles to get to Oceania in premium cabins. Today I'm going to write about how you can do something similar with Delta miles, though I should remind you that Kenny from Miles4More has already written extensively about the most direct routes to Australia on miles. Like with United, the key to finding premium cabin award space is taking roundabout routings, namely, through Korea. Getting to Australia Using Delta Miles Aside from the highly preferable Virgin Australia option, you can route through Korea to get to Oceania using Delta miles as well – with no fuel surcharges so the prices are good. Now that Delta has vastly improved its award search engine, you can pretty much find flights [...]

Using Flexibility to Find Premium Award Space to Australia and New Zealand

Kenny has written extensively about how Virgin Australia is a bit of a gold mine for travel to Australia/Oceania using Delta or Virgin America miles. Virgin Australia remains the single best way to get to Australia in a premium cabin, provided you have a way to position to the West Coast (since domestic space can be tough to find on DL). Virgin Australia is definitely the way to go, but if you can't find space and you’re willing to tolerate some extra time in business class there are other options to get to Australia/NZ. In fact, you can find space using two alliances! The key to the space? Funnily enough, it’s Korea. Korean Air (Delta or Ultimate Rewards partner) and Asiana (United partner) both are pretty generous about business class [...]

Avoiding Talking to Phone Representatives for Credit Card Transactions

I'm not a big fan of calling the credit card companies for any reason. I don't like being on hold, I don't really like talking on the phone in general, and for some reason even though I've been doing this for years calling in gets me all stressed. Because of this, whenever possible, I try to get things done online via secure messaging or chats. This is especially useful when doing transactions for my wife - the only thing I hate more than calling the credit card companies is having to bug my wife to call. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but I've been cleaning up my accounts and wanted to share some of the things I successfully took care of online. I'd also love to hear [...]

A Comparison of 0% Introductory APR Credit Cards

Disclosure: I receive no compensation for any links from this post. I found them on Google. They aren't compensating me for name dropping them either. Messing with 0% APR Cards is dangerous - be responsible and be careful.  One day I'll get to part two of my credit card tier list. In the meanwhile, a friend of mine asked me if I knew of any good 0% introductory APR credit cards, no annual fee cards so I promised him I'd do some research for him. I generally don't even think about these things because I don't believe in ever carrying a balance - but his reasoning for wanting that leeway sounded generally sound and he doesn't want to take any balances he may build up past the introductory period (though the [...]

Credit Card Cancellation for Beginners

Word of warning: If you're not paying off your credit card balances in full every month, ignore this - pay them off and cancel those cards immediately until you get to a place where you can. Being stuck in debt is not acceptable collateral damage in the miles and points game Feel free to move along if you're a pro at this game, though it's possible you'll learn something new. This post is geared more towards the casual or newer points enthusiasts out there. I deemed it necessary because the other day a friend told me they had "transferred all of their Ultimate Rewards points to United and cancelled their Chase Sapphire Preferred card." While not a bad move, I just want to make sure people know the options they have [...]

Credit Card Tier Lists Part 1 – Cash Back and Transferable Points

Disclosure: There are a billion credit card links in this article. None are my affiliate links. This post is more for beginners but I also feel like it could be useful to others. Feel free to ignore though. Anyway, a little over week ago I wrote about the bigger Delta and United card bonuses that were out there (United's dead, Delta's dead in a day or two). Drew at Travel is Free wrote a great article complaining about the big bloggers pumping crappy cards for affiliate conversions; dissing the larger sign up bonus on the Delta card since Delta Skymiles are the worst currency out there. While I disagree with that particular point (I happen to enjoy finding Delta award space and also am doubling down on bit on Delta miles for [...]