Cathay Pacific

Ninja Battle of Eastern Carrier Business Class! (Part 1)

My name is Dan, and I am a friend and avid follower of the “asthejoeflies” blog. As one of Joe-sensei’s top protégés in the points and miles game, Joe has allowed me to contribute a guest post regarding my trans-pacific escapades this summer. (Ed. note: Daniel-san is also the producer of the Saverocity Observation Deck and a legendary Hearthstone player). My wife and I are based out of Boston and we traveled to Taiwan this summer for a family reunion on my side of the family. We did a similar trip in 2012 in economy class and we knew the trip would be a grueling affair so we decided early on that we wanted to ease the pains of travel by flying business class on the long haul trans-pacific flights. [...]

Winners of the Cathay PJ Giveaway

Thanks to everyone for participating in the Cathay Pacific pajamas giveaway! I've already contacted the winners and they've made their choices. First prize went to commenter nukoon. In a bit of a surprise, he chose the Aesop amenity kit despite having pumped Rimowa in his comment! Second prize went to commenter Claire, who happily took the Rimowa kit from EVA Air. I guess they don't love pajamas as much as I do :) Finally, third prize went to Jessie who entered the contest on Twitter. It paid off to enter twice! I'll be sending the CX pajamas Jessie's way post haste. Thanks again for playing and thanks for reading the blog. Hopefully I can do a few more of these in the future! Need to get busy flying... Here are [...]

A Silly Post about my Airline Pajama Collection

My wife has been reading a new book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Normally this wouldn't be relevant to this blog, except this book combined with being snowed in have created a state where she has been passionately cleaning out our closets for the last week. I now have three garbage bags full of clothes to donate/trash - and much to my chagrin there are a few sets of pajamas in there. I am a person who has never bought a real set of pajamas in my life, but somehow I am also semi-obsessed with airline pajamas. Maybe it's that they're "free" (yeah right). Anyway, here are my impressions of the various pajama sets I have, listed in order of accrual. Oh, and did you know I'm giving away [...]

Home for the Holidays: Conclusion and Cathay Pacific Pajamas Giveaway

We had a great trip to Taiwan and Hong Kong with our toddler M in tow. Things weren't always smooth, but we learned a lot and were glad to give her the chance to meet family. Jess refused to let us add too much to our airline pajamas and amenity kit collection so I have some stuff to give away at the end of this post - but first, a few paragraphs on our last flight. M's First Mile Earning Flight The only reason why this flight was notable in any way shape or form was that it was the first flight where M ever earned any miles! An exciting day for any father, haha. We spent about an hour in the Admirals Club in ORD (which sadly I am [...]

Home for the Holidays: Cathay Pacific First Class with a Toddler

I was excited about our entire trip back to Asia – but I was most excited about flying Cathay Pacific first class. I managed to snag two seats using British Airways Avios due to some persistence and obsessiveness. We were booked on CX 806 from Hong Kong to Chicago O’Hare, a 14 hour flight. So how’d it go with a two year old in tow? In-town Check in and Security The Airport Express is possibly my favorite method of getting to the airport that I’ve ever used. We didn’t want to risk the free shuttle being a mess again so we took a short taxi ride from the Hyatt Regency to Kowloon Station. At Kowloon Station we used the in-town check in services. Having in-town check in is something unique [...]

Beating the Blizzard

I was in Hong Kong over the weekend for a family emergency. I managed to book some last minute award tickets to leave Thursday and return Monday; I was looking forward to coming home. Saturday night I started getting wind of a possible blizzard hitting Boston on Monday…uh oh. Here’s how it all went down. To rebook or not to rebook – that was the question (Saturday and Sunday) My original itinerary was flying on CX 806 from HKG-ORD connecting to AA 1612 to Boston. I was scheduled to land in ORD at 12:20 PM and flight 1612 departed at 3:55 PM. Late Saturday night I started looking into other options for getting home. I knew I could switch tickets for free since I booked through AA, so I tried [...]

Home for the Holidays: A Tough Flight with a Toddler

Never take a 23 month year old as a lap infant. That's what we learned on our flight from Taipei to Hong Kong, quite possibly the worst flight we've ever taken with M! In the light of day, it wasn't that bad but at the time it was a lot of stress. First, a note. I've read on many baby-oriented travel websites some version of the argument: "You should always book your child a seat it's safer etc. etc. etc." Now I definitely agree that it is safer and it is always better to have an extra seat for your child. On the other hand, I am cheap, and I have a lot of...um...frugal friends who never bought a seat for their child until they had to, and all of them [...]