Bora Bora

Babyless in Bora Bora: Air Tahiti Nui New Business Class Review

Ah, it's over! This trip report was a bit too ambitious and I'm exhausted from writing it, so I think I'll just end it here. I wanted to go into detail because when I was planning my trip I didn't find too much about Bora Bora so hopefully this has been a semi-useful resource. Anyway, at the end of an amazing trip (including a bike ride around the island which was exhausting and fulfilling as this trip report), we finally had a few flights home. At this point, I was anxious to get home: nine days away from Baby M is a lot and we couldn't wait to see her! Air Tahiti Return Flights and Papeete International Terminal Our return flights were as beautiful as the outbound ones, but I [...]

Babyless in Bora Bora: Intercontinental Thalasso’s Deep Ocean Spa – Paradise in Paradise

OK, you're tired of reading about Bora Bora and I'm tired of writing about it. BUT - the Intercontinental Thalasso's Deep Ocean Spa is well worth a post. Seeing as we spent our last day there and it was the perfect ending to an amazing trip, I don't mind writing this (penultimate) post in this ridiculous trip report! Let me just kick this post off by saying this - I am not a spa kind of guy. I am so not a spa guy that I literally could not tell you whether our spa day at the Thalasso was expensive or not, though since it's Bora Bora I'm sure it was. To be honest, for me, ANY money spent on spa treatments felt like a waste of money - until [...]

Babyless in Bora Bora – Hanging out at the Intercontinental Thalasso and My Archnemesis

While snorkeling was our most expensive excursion, the cheapest way we passed the time was by hanging out in our hotel all day. Well, cheap in the sense that we didn't spend any EXTRA money on it. But the Intercontinental Thalasso is really nice and a great place to relax, so I thought I'd point out a few of our favorite recreational activities at the resort. Swimming, Snorkeling, and Joe the Angry Poolboy Let's be honest: you book an overwater bungalow so that you can jump straight in the "pool." And we did that a lot. Half an hour before dinner? Take a quick swim. Feeling like a pick me up in the morning? Take a quick swim. I can't explain how convenient and amazing it is to just be [...]

Babyless in Bora Bora – Pure Snorkeling

I've been talking a lot about the hotel and eating so I figured I'd take a little "excursion" to talk about one of our activities in Bora Bora. One of our most expensive excursions in Bora Bora was also one of the best. We organized a morning snorkeling trip with Pure Snorkeling, a local snorkeling tour company. The concierge at the Intercontinental Thalasso arranged everything, though it did cost us a little bit extra than if we had just arranged it on our own. The final cost was 12,500 XPF or about $140 USD. Expensive, but worth it! Pure snorkeling picked us up at the Thalasso dock. There were already two other couples on the boat - I guess they had been picked up earlier. Pure Snorkeling is great because [...]

Babyless in Bora Bora: Saving Money on Food

So, staying in your hotel to eat is pretty expensive. We knew this going in, so Jess and I had to come up with plans and strategies to keep food costs down. Today I'm going to talk about our strategies and how we tried to keep costs down. Bora Bora is an obvious extreme, price wise, but I think you can save money on travel anywhere with these eating tips. Here's how we approached things. Our Strategy for Saving Money on Food Our strategy for saving money on food boiled down to a few simple things: - Bring food from home that doesn't need to be heated up or can be heated up with boiling water - Try to get away with only paying for two full meals a day [...]

Babyless in Bora Bora: Eating Options in the Intercontinental Thalasso

Let me get this out of the way up front: there are very few cheap eating options in Bora Bora. I'll touch on some ways to save money on food in a later post, but this post is going to focus on the eating options in the Intercontinental Thalasso. When you stay at a resort in Bora Bora - odds are you're going to spend a lot of time eating the food there, so hopefully this will help if you're trying to make a decision! Meal Plan Pricing Options Some people recommended we buy a meal plan, but we opted not to. We definitely saved money not doing that. For reference, the meal plan options are: Breakfast: 3834 cfp (~$44 USD) plus tax Half Board: 11,951 cfp ($138 USD) plus [...]

Babyless in Bora Bora – Intercontinental Thalasso Emerald Overwater Villa Review

For our six night stay in Bora Bora, we spent the entire time at the Intercontinental Thalasso - all with points earned from credit card bonuses and purchased points (detailed here). Considering our room was retailing for over $1000/night the week we were there, we ended up saving a boat load of money. After checking in, it was time to see our Emerald Overwater suite. We were not disappointed. The Difference Between Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond Overwater Bungalows  One of the best things about the Intercontinental Thalasso is that they are currently booking award stays directly into Emerald Overwater bungalows. At most resorts in French Polynesia, you use your points to book a standard room and then pay a couple hundred dollars a night to upgrade to an overwater bungalow. [...]