Some Simple AA Credit Card Mistakes You Probably Know to Avoid

Update: Literally 5 minutes after I posted this, I got an e-mail from AAdvantage saying programs would start combine on March 28 (though no real details). Most are savvy enough to have avoided these mistakes, but for relative newcomers here are a few reminders. Currently, you can get 100,000 AAdvantage miles pretty quickly with two credit card sign ups: the Barclays US Air card and the Citi AA Platinum card. The theory is simple - sign up for the Barclays US Air card and get 50,000 US Air miles after first purchase ($89 annual fee not waived). Sign up for the Citi AA Platinum card and get 50,000 bonus miles after spending $3000 in three months. Once the programs merge (imminently!), you'll have 103,000 AA miles, 7000 short of flying [...]

Lazy Weekend in Lyon: Introduction

Last week my wife and I spent a quick long weekend in Lyon, France with a nice little layover in London to boot. It wasn't the cheapest trip, but it was some much needed R&R away from the little one. I haven't seen a lot of stuff out there about Lyon, so hopefully this trip report will remedy that. I decided not to do it live because I needed the rest - hopefully it won't take me too long to finish! Before we get to the fun stuff, a little bit about how we got there. Flights: British Airways First Class Boston to Lyon Back when US Airways switched to Oneworld there was a small window of time when you could book British Airways tickets without fuel surcharges. We took advantage [...]

Using the Chip and Pin Barclays Arrival+ in Europe

It's too bad that Barclays deemed the Saverocity family not deserving of having affiliate links anymore, because I have a post that would have been perfect for pushing their card! But even without an affiliate link, I wanted to share some of my experience using the Barclays Arrival+ card on our recent trip to Europe. I was excited when Barclays announced that they would be adding chip and pin functionality to the card. I'm sure many of you know what that is, but just to recap - in many places outside of the US instead of using the magnetic strip, credit card readers often read a chip that's embedded in the front of the card. There are a lot of US issued cards with chips - the Chase Sapphire Preferred, [...]

US Air 10,000 Miles Anniversary Bonus to Stay (for some cards)

Last week, I had a short twitter conversation with @tmount, @KennyBSAT, and @FreequentFlyr (follow me @asthejoeflies!) about whether the 10,000 miles anniversary bonus (after paying annual fee) on the Barclays US Air card would be sticking around. We determined that for older cards that have the bonus, it will stick, but applications in the last year or so have taken that bonus out. So for example, the card I got in 2013 has the 10,000 mile bonus in perpetuity while the one I got in 2014 has no bonus at all. Freequent Flyer was saying how it's in the terms and conditions so Barclay's couldn't get out of it, but I was kind of worried once the programs combine (which looks like it could be soon) they'd be able to [...]

Credit Card Tier Lists Part 1 – Cash Back and Transferable Points

Disclosure: There are a billion credit card links in this article. None are my affiliate links. This post is more for beginners but I also feel like it could be useful to others. Feel free to ignore though. Anyway, a little over week ago I wrote about the bigger Delta and United card bonuses that were out there (United's dead, Delta's dead in a day or two). Drew at Travel is Free wrote a great article complaining about the big bloggers pumping crappy cards for affiliate conversions; dissing the larger sign up bonus on the Delta card since Delta Skymiles are the worst currency out there. While I disagree with that particular point (I happen to enjoy finding Delta award space and also am doubling down on bit on Delta miles for [...]

How I Would Improve TripIt

Disclosure: I may receive a commission for some of the credit card links in this post. I receive no compensation for writing about TripIt and all thoughts and opinions are my own. I thought I had written before about using TripIt but I guess not. It's a useful service that has been annoying me a lot lately, so I just wanted to vent here a little bit. TripIt, simply put, is an automated itinerary generator - it "reads" your e-mails and when you get confirmations and the like it will add them to an itinerary for you. This keeps all your reservations conveniently in one place. Now that I'm a dad, my brain has much less capacity to keep itineraries straight in my head so it's actually something I need. [...]

My Experience Using a US Airways Card Companion Certificate

Most people just sign up for the Barclays US Air Card, make one purchase to get the sign up bonus, and then throw it in the sock drawer never to be seen or heard from again (until cancellation time of course). While I must admit that I'm somewhat like that, I recently used my care to redeem the little used companion certificate that comes annually with the card and thought I'd share my experiences here. Options for getting from Boston to Charlotte Our family was looking to take a trip down to Charlotte for a few days. We had a few options: 1) Pay with cash 2) Book an award ticket using British Airways Avios on US Airways flights 3) Use the Barclays US Air card's companion certificate To be [...]