Bavarian Summer: A Seat, a Bed, and a Toddler – and The End!

Ahhh...the best part of writing trip reports is the last entry. Originally we were scheduled to take a similar flight to our outbound so I wasn't going to write about it. However, we ended up taking Lufthansa's 747-400 first class product - aka a seat AND a bed. I figured anyone who was thinking of taking an infant or toddler in LH F might want to see how that impacted things. So let's finish this! After our time in the First Class Terminal, we were driven in a minivan to our plane. People get driven in all sorts of cool cars from the FCT to their plane - Porsches, Benzes, and GRAND CARAVANS. I found it pretty amusing, hopefully the dude who shared the car with us did too (he [...]

Bavarian Summer: Rating the Toddler Friendliness of Our Hotels

I wasn't planning on reviewing the hotels we stayed in on our trip, but I got to thinking I would have loved to see a parent's view on the toddler friendliness of these hotels before we got here. So instead of a "review", I just wanted to give a few thoughts on how each of the hotels we stayed at were equipped to deal with toddlers. As always, bear in mind we were in a unique situation having only one child and grandparents in a nearby room. Crowne Plaza Salzburg I booked two rooms at this hotel for 30,000 IHG points per night - the going rate was about 190 Euros/night so it was a pretty good deal. In terms of location, the Crowne Plaza worked out well for us. [...]

Bavarian Summer: Food in Germany and Austria

It has now come time for me to write the "food post." I was considering not writing one, but some loyal readers (read: 2) requested it and who am I to turn them down!? Here are some of the types of foods we ate - and I've made note to highlight some of our most memorable culinary experiences as well. Pretzels, Beer, and Wine Let's start out with some of the lighter stuff. Germany is home to many, many pretzels. You can find them on every street corner, every pub, even in some restaurants. I would not say that the pretzels are amazing - but they are solid and I averaged one per day during our time in Germany (they weren't as readily available in Austria). Obviously Germany is pretty [...]

Tips for Surviving Europe with a Toddler

Since getting back from Germany, I've been thinking about what might have made our travels with our toddler a little bit easier. This definitely was a tougher trip than when we went to Italy with M as a six month old baby. I recognize we will never be traveling to Europe with an 18 month old ever again, but hopefully some of these thoughts might help some of the other parents out there! A couple notes - all my thoughts are as a parent of ONE child, I'm sure some other bloggers at Saverocity know a lot more about traveling with multiple kids. Secondly, as Tip 1 will quite clearly illustrate, we traveled in a unique situation that made life a LOT easier. Tip 1: Bring backup If you've been paying [...]

Bavarian Summer: Visiting Museums and Biking in Vienna

We had a three and a half hour drive from Berchtesgaden to Vienna - managing to get through with only one toddler meltdown (too hot in the car seat). After we got to Vienna, I dropped everyone off at the Hilton Vienna Plaza and then drove to drop the car off at the other Hilton in town. To be honest I wasn't sure what to expect from Hilton, but we ultimately really enjoyed the city and it was a great way to end our trip. We spent the first day visiting two museums - the Kunst Historiches and the Haus der Musik. The Kunst Historiches is one of Vienna's premier art museums - it has an excellent collection the majority of which I did not see because toddlers just have a [...]

Bavarian Summer: Lazy Sunday in Salzburg – not.

We figured nothing would top the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg and we were mostly right. Still, we found ways to keep ourselves busy on Sunday morning before we left for Berchtesgaden. The Crowne Plaza extended our checkout to 1 PM so we had some time to explore. My parents went to a concert at the Salzburg Music Festival so we were on our own. We started the day by walking through the nearby Mirabelle Gardens. Instead of reliving Do-re-mi, we were looking for the Sunday morning brass band concert. I didn't really do much research (Jess came up with the idea), but the brass band set up in a nice shady spot under the trees and played some wonderful music. M of course was a big fan because [...]

Bavarian Summer: Zugspitze and Mittenwald

After being thwarted by weather, we finally made it up to Zugspitze on our last full day in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. It was a pretty clear day to go up, although of course the day we left town it was even clearer. As I mentioned in my other post, we bought a 60 Euro combination ticket that allowed us to visit AlpspiX and Zugspitze once each at any time during the summer. If you're unfamiliar, Zugspitze has the honor of being the highest point in Germany. From the summit you can see four countries: Germany, Austria, Italy, and I forget, sorry. Since even we are not crazy enough to hike up to 2,962 meters with a child, we took the express funicular. We were packed in like sardines and it was so [...]