AMEX Everyday card – much better than I gave it credit for

I wasn't really a fan of AMEX's Everyday offerings when they first came out. I just wasn't super impressed with the earning structure and felt that there were way better cards out there. In fact, I threw the cards into Tier 4 of my never completed Credit Card Tier lists, writing "Finally, the AMEX Everyday cards are pretty much junk, unless you need to keep your Membership Rewards points active." Yikes. Well, it turns out, nine months after I wrote that, I did indeed need to keep my membership rewards points active, so I signed up for the no annual fee Everyday card. Originally, my plan was just to meet the minimum spend requirements and then sock drawer it, but I've since snuck it back into my wallet. Let's be [...]

AA bonus transfer from SPG

I don't normally post these "deals" anymore but I wanted to reflect on something related. However I also wanted to avoid a clickbait-y title so I didn't know what else to put as the title. Anyway since the title has the "deal" in it let me get that out of the way: 30k AA miles for a 20k SPG transfer now until 8/7. Useful if you're in a bind and better than the normal 20 => 25 rate but SPG points can be very valuable (and tough to earn especially for people who don't MS regularly) so don't go overboard. What I really wanted to discuss was whether this transfer bonus might be warning signs of the potential AA devaluation. I say potential because I think it's important for us to [...]

How much will British Airways Executive Club Program Changes hurt?

Every time there is a devaluation in the miles and points world, the general message out there is that the sky is falling. While British Airways' most recent Executive Club changes certainly may fall into that category for some people, these changes aren't too big deal a deal to me. Summary of Avios Earning Changes - You'll earn less less for low cost economy fares and more for high cost premium ones - The minimum Avios you can earn on a flight are going down for the lower fare classes - Minor devaluation to earning tier points (major if you fly JFK-LHR regularly for business), which I've never bothered to understand in depth anyway Summary of Avios Redemption Changes Old chart: New chart: - Peak and off-peak rates have been introduced [...]

My Fun Little Small Business Saturday Game

Fun to me, at least. So as a million blogs have informed you by now, American Express' annual Small Business Saturday is coming up on November 29th and registration is now open. For unfamiliar: - You can register EACH American Express card you have for this promotion - Authorized users count as separate cards, so if you and your spouse each have cards on the same account you can register both separately - Registration qualifies you for three $10 credits when you spend $10 or more at qualifying small businesses - You can register here. - Search for small businesses that qualify here (most also have the "Shop Small" sign up) Basically, Small Business Saturday can net you up to $30 of free stuff per AMEX. The first time I [...]

A Comparison of 0% Introductory APR Credit Cards

Disclosure: I receive no compensation for any links from this post. I found them on Google. They aren't compensating me for name dropping them either. Messing with 0% APR Cards is dangerous - be responsible and be careful.  One day I'll get to part two of my credit card tier list. In the meanwhile, a friend of mine asked me if I knew of any good 0% introductory APR credit cards, no annual fee cards so I promised him I'd do some research for him. I generally don't even think about these things because I don't believe in ever carrying a balance - but his reasoning for wanting that leeway sounded generally sound and he doesn't want to take any balances he may build up past the introductory period (though the [...]

Credit Card Cancellation for Beginners

Word of warning: If you're not paying off your credit card balances in full every month, ignore this - pay them off and cancel those cards immediately until you get to a place where you can. Being stuck in debt is not acceptable collateral damage in the miles and points game Feel free to move along if you're a pro at this game, though it's possible you'll learn something new. This post is geared more towards the casual or newer points enthusiasts out there. I deemed it necessary because the other day a friend told me they had "transferred all of their Ultimate Rewards points to United and cancelled their Chase Sapphire Preferred card." While not a bad move, I just want to make sure people know the options they have [...]

Credit Card Tier Lists Part 1 – Cash Back and Transferable Points

Disclosure: There are a billion credit card links in this article. None are my affiliate links. This post is more for beginners but I also feel like it could be useful to others. Feel free to ignore though. Anyway, a little over week ago I wrote about the bigger Delta and United card bonuses that were out there (United's dead, Delta's dead in a day or two). Drew at Travel is Free wrote a great article complaining about the big bloggers pumping crappy cards for affiliate conversions; dissing the larger sign up bonus on the Delta card since Delta Skymiles are the worst currency out there. While I disagree with that particular point (I happen to enjoy finding Delta award space and also am doubling down on bit on Delta miles for [...]