I don’t know about you, but I visit my favorite travel blogs to score deals on laundry detergent.  Maybe sign up for a dozen credit cards.  That sort of thing.

Target has Tide Free and Gentle High Efficiency detergent, 100 ounces of it in fact, for $10.00.  That price drops to $8 if you subscribe, similar to Amazon’s subscribe and save model.

I’m posting this as a deal because Amazon no longer does S&S or free prime shipping for items like this – instead, Amazon Pantry is a flat shipping charge model where you fill a “pantry box” and have it sent for a flat rate as part of the Prime program.  I’m shocked that no one covered the devaluation of the Amazon Prime award chart, but here it is, folks.  I’m still a happy Prime member, but Target’s going to have to fill the void and ship my outrageously heavy items for free or next to free.

In all honesty, I was looking at the Staples deal on Tide this week to see if I can rack up some more Ultimate Rewards points, but the Target price is good enough that I’ll order a couple from them instead.  We’re down to our last container of laundry detergent here and it looks pretty generic.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Tide 100oz for $10

Saves me a trip to the store.

Make sure to buy this with the Chase Sapphire Preferred that you keep stashed in your underwear.

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